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"I discover and fall in love with a new piece everytime I listen to this impressive blend of different music styles.
Although world fusion is not my favorite kind of music, listening to this album has been an interesting and engaging journey with twists and turns that managed to capture and carry my emotions along for the ride! A journey that could only have been created by truly talented musicians. Keep up the magic!"
- Nancy Kaawe

"This CD brings about a sense of liberty, happiness and a deep journey into far away unexplored places. The combination of sounds makes you feel as in a jungle of a distant planet somewhere in space. I could say it's a refreshing lullaby for grownup minds."
- Maria Guardia
Costa Rica

"Terre differenti it's not my daily cup of tea. But Yasemin voice is s so wonderful !!"
- Alan Leinster
Los Angeles, USA

"It's a very refined CD in which every detail is pointed out very carefully but also the whole musical route is always perfectly completed. The mix among the various instruments makes Cities of Dreams suggestive and magic. The very particular timbre of the voices, with their harmonies, complete the rich and wide instrumental section. A wonderful job that gives music a multi-cultural sense and enriches the level of the ensemble. Congratulations!"
- Jod Robertson
Atlanta, USA

"I think the album and the band are really great!"
- John Foster
Plymouth, UK

"This is a great album, a journey across primitive lands that everyone has inside. The CD captured me from the first time I lestened to it. I like the sounds, the mix of ethnic and electronic instruments, the vocals and the deep and beautiful lyrics.
Beyond the Dunes is by far my preferred song, I think it's a real gem."
- Alessandro Pescetelli
Rome, Italy

"It’s a very impressive CD which embraces sophisticated sonorities and a plethora of intonations, ranging from moments of intense intimacy to more rhythmic beats, always coupled with very original and well-planned accompaniments. Wonderful to listen to when I’m driving alone in the evening: a perfect travel companion."
- Andrea Cappa
Rome, Italy

"Listening to this CD has been a very exciting experience. It is a real journey in the lands of dreams."
- Angelo Merante
Rome, Italy

"A masterpiece! It reminds me a lot of preferred musicians like Peter Gabriel, the King Crimson and some the most interesting ECM label productions. When ever I listen to it, I discover new emotions and new paths that bring you into a deep awaring of your soul."
- Corsina Andriano
Milan, Italy








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