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.01 Different Lands (music: Armani, Conti, Sannino - lyrics: Armani)

Once again I have dreamt of different lands
Distant, lost beyond mind's sight
My skin so different, my hands like black dust
Once again an alien geography which I know so well
From which my face of clay is born and will return
Breathing nostalgia for a future which shall never be
Mother Earth

Mother Earth
My feet tread the soil in search of the unknown steps of an eternal ritual
Obscure mirror for a distant sea

And my mouth spouts words of stone, matter for new and ancient alchemies
To shape a vase of fantasy
In sandy rituals
In icy deserts

Mother Earth
I cling to you, I drop to my knees after drifting endlessly in a salty ocean

Once again in different lands


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.03 Kam ma kam (music and lyrics: Armani)

Kam ma kam   kam ma kam   kam ma kam
Kam ma kam   kam ma kam   kam ma kam

Feel the wind
catch the stars
on the sand I lie

Through the wings of dawn
I will sing
to the dunes
my despairing love

So cold
so dark
is the blood
of the Earth heart?

One fear
One touch
One of us

Two hands
Too soon
To shed all hope

Kam ma kam   kam ma kam   kam ma kam
Kam ma kam   kam ma kam   kam ma kam

Stone of dreams
black the Sun
I still call in vain

Through the waves of sorrow
I will cry
to the land
my forgotten love

To touch
your hands
in the night
of this desert hope


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.05 Beyond the Dunes (music: Armani, Sannino - lyrics: Armani)

Beyond the dunes
I may no longer be alone

Beyond the dunes
I shall meet new peoples
and be seen by lonely wanderers

Far from the cobalt deserts
and incandescent sunsets
there will be life
there will be others

Beyond these icy nights
when I meet you
you will hold me close

For too long I have fed
on the sour fruit of solitude

Beyond the dunes
we shall still love each other
we will no longer be alone

Beyond the dunes
as we laugh at the sky and the planets
We will be alive


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.06 Under Moons of Jade (music: Armani, Antonini - lyrics: Armani)

Moons of Jade   nothing is real
Moons of Jade   nothing is real
Moons of Jade   nothing is real
Moons of Jade   nothing is real
Moons of Jade   nothing is real
Moons of Jade   nothing is real

Under Jaded Moons
joy life
with the ocean in hands
far from the craters of emptiness

In the tower of visions
if I could touch the incense of your words
the clouds and sea

We are eyes turned powerless
hands without hope
knotted in shells of dust
in exile


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.07 Jaded Moons (music: Armani, Antonini - lyrics: Armani)

We all live in other's dreams
we love and suffer virtual an unreal lives
all in a dream
breathing falling

I shall kiss your lotus eyes
when all is a dream
I wish I could touch your crystal skin again


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.10 Dance for the Moon (music: Armani, Sannino - lyrics: Armani)

Pain surrounds me
like the dark hard earth
empty, deserted cities
dull, lifeless eyes

In the silence nothing moves, nothing lives
motionless bodies, frozen thoughts and glances

Centuries pass
and nothing changes
a relentless destiny
without a future
only this steely cry of eternal nights
and sighs of fear

A dream will come
a promise
and we'll be free, alive again

Beyond this desert of pain
in the ruins of my mind
crystal tears, shouts of silence
emptiness and eternal solitude

Only the icy darkness of this mockery of life
motionless bodies and empty gestures
while daylight never comes

And now faces look up and will watch a black sky
while bodies shake off their stillness
hands stretch out, they move once more
and we shall be again, in an eternal circle of life

There'll be a dream, a vision
at last we'll be women and men
once again as in ...

higher and higher, my body soars
and higher shall I rise
higher and higher, your body glides
and higher shall you rise
and I shall dance under the moon
dance and dance again
and you will dance for the moon
sing and dance again

A dream perhaps, maybe
is it a dream? Yeah, a dream perhaps
is it a dream?


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.11 Lost in her World (music: Armani, Sannino - lyrics: Armani)

Once I've seen her face
that was hidden by water shadows
She was so far from us, lost in her little world
maybe dreaming of enchanted cities

Lost in her world of dreams
I can never touch her mind
Lost in her world of colours
I wish to reach her soul

Away, away from darkness
flying on my sorrow wings

Lost in her secret world
I can never reached her mind
Lost in the inner garden
I wish to touch her soul

Falling down from black skies
I'll dreaming of another world


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.12 Splinters of Reality (music and lyrics: Armani)

Splinters of reality in the footsteps of a dream
our love shapes the amber of the night
in a twisted game
when planets of cobalt
shed light on the symmetry of narrow towers
and life is a shallow dance
which sways in a web of emotions
and death is a broken chance
which falls like the ash of illusion

dreaming of being alive again
dreaming of being alive again
stealing splinters of the past
to touch you again
while drops of future fall

When eternity is but a fragment of emptiness
and the present corrodes even the memory of time
our memories are mere snapshots illusions
in a foil of conscience in the diaphragm
stolen from this maze of death
compelled to repeat the same gestures
your eyes, your sweet hands

dreaming of being alive again
dreaming of being alive again
stretched out as a statue of white jade
I await your return in vain
in the wind

Rational folly to tear this eternal nightmare apart
in which I have no mouth to scream
with no tears to cry


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.13 Cities of Dreams (music: Armani, Sannino - lyrics: Armani)

Once again I've dreamt of you as invisible cities
Lost beyond the horizon of time

I have travelled in a thousand souls
And lived a million lives
To come to you
Cities of my dreams

Beyond the gates of madness
I will find your towers
Reflected like crystals of darkness in the emerald sunrise

At the doors of emptiness
I shall discover the cities of dusk
Fragile illusions
In a wanderer's dream

Beyond the confines of a nightmare
I shall hear your fountains
Sing of a future nostalgia

Domes and minarets
Are but a mirage which shine
Like black diamonds in the incandescent mirror of the night

Opaque lights like dark stars
Are splinters of fantasy
Roads are enchanted forests
Which melt into a maze

Oblivion is the stony gaze
Of bridges of alabaster
Awaiting on an ocean of dust
Like fingers stretched out towards emptiness
While riverthoughts flow under high steeples
Piercing the horizon's
Electric opalescence

Devoured by anxiety
My gaze is reflected
By salt water panes

In the distance a clock melts into the horizon
While sky crystals pour onto the
Gardens of madness
And blades of darkness cross
A metaphysical geometry

Now life erupts on your streets
Voices shatter eternal silences
Faces dance in the street
And become children's cries and colours

Show me your heart
Until the waters of death
Quench my folly

The dams of my soul have been shattered
Oh night of wild joy
Endless love is in flight !

My thought drowns
In a whirlwind of desire
Passion burns my soul
Like an icy flame
And your breath becomes life's howl

But the persistence of this world of sand
Is a wind which blows swiftly
Soon Silence is once more

Like distant memories lost in time
Your buildings melt
In the light of reality

Cities of light forgotten forever
Abandoned by travellers
Your memory is but a mirage

The requiem for day's end is sung
the dreams of the past are shattered
never to return

with open hands
I shall listen to the breathing of total silence

Blades of darkness swallow
The motionless city
And all that is left is the oblivion of this deafening silence

Like a jungle of eternal sand
Time covers paralized rooftops and squares

And nothing remains,
Not even the memory of this dream


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