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The ensemble was founded in 1998, and the history of the musical collaboration among its members dates back to twenty years ago, when Fabio Armani, the leader, and Alessandro D'Aloia, the drummer, played in their own jazz quartet. Other musicians joined the band after their collaboration to another project called Advena Avis, where medieval music is merged with electronic and ethnic elements. Currently the band is formed by a lot of talented artists from all around the world.

Terre Differenti has recorded two albums:

  • Terre Differenti (2000) - world fusion CD
  • Cities of Dreams (2005) - concept album among ethnic suggestions, rock and progressive influences and contemporary jazz,
Elisabetta Antonini - vocals
Elisabetta Antonini

Elisabetta Antonini is one of the singers of the ensemble. She is endowed with a peculiar voice characterized by a soft and "black" timbre. This vocalist, starting from a jazzistic tradition, comes to a modern style with an artistic personality full of strenght and expressiveness.
She begins to study singing with Cinzia Spata, also devoting herself to piano and harmony studies with Riccardo Biseo, Alessandro Gwis and Pietro Lussu.
The richness of her style, her singing interpretation and the refinement of the language come from the teaching of Maria Pia De Vito, Mark Murphy, Norma Winstone, Jay Clayton and Barry Harris.

Fabio Armani - composer
Fabio Armani

Fabio Armani is an Italian composer born in Rome in 1958. He has a degree in Astrophysics, and studied jazz piano and composition since 1974. He composes acoustic as well as electronic instrumental music (Computer Music). At the moment he is the Artistic Director of the musical ensembles Tangram and Terre Differenti.
Fabio plays piano, keyboards, samplers and small ethnic percussion. He composes and arranges all the music for the two musical ensembles.

Houcine Ata - vocals
Houcine Ata

Houcine Ata was born in 1971 in Tunis and arrived in Italy in 1998. His career as a musician began as a singer on cruise ships. During his travels, he got to know Palermo, Sicily, and decided to stop there attracted by a city that was so similar in culture to his own.
Currently he lives in Rome where he sings in Arab restaurants. He sings with the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio thanks to Paolo Modugno who gave his name to Mario Tronco during his search for musicians for the Orchestra.

Luca Barberini - bass player
Luca Barberini

Luca Barberini is a bass player that was born in Rome in 1964. He started the bass instrument study at the age of twenty with the teaching of Andrea Pighi. Then he continued his studies with Luca Pirozzi, Francis Koerber and Toni Armetta.
He is currently working with a lot of artists among which the ethno jazz band Indaco and the drummer Pierluigi Calderoni.

Marco Conti - sax
Marco Conti

Marco Conti was born in Rome in 1956. He plays saxophones, flute and clarinet. He begin his musical studies at the musical conservatory of Frosinone Licinio Refice under the teaching of Baldo Maestri.
He worked with many Jazz musicians and was also in the organic of a lot of Jazz big bands and ochestras, like: Alberto Corvini Big Band, Bruno Biriaco Big Band, Tommaso Vittorini's Eliseo Big Band and Trombe Rosse of Massimo Nunzi.

Carlo Cossu - violin
Carlo Cossu

Carlo Cossu plays the violin, the viola and a set of ethnic instruments like the didjeridoo. After classical studies with Rita Palomby he started to master jazz improvvisation and Middle East music.

Alessandro D'Aloia - drums
Alessandro D'Aloia

Alessandro D'Aloia is an Italian drummer born in Rome in 1966. He started the study of drums and classical percussion at the age of fifteen and jazz harmony since 1992. In 1995 he mastered his drumming with Tommy Campbell during a New York stage. In 1998 he went to Rio De Janeiro to study the art of Brazilian drumming with Robertinho Silva. During his artistic charier, he performed with many artists.

Miguel Fernandez - guitars
Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez has studied at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires qualifying in classic guitar master. Afterwards he improves on concert classic guitar with the Spanish guitarist Consuelo Mallo Lopez, president of the Argentine Guitar Association. Currently he intensively works on stage and in studio as soloist and with different musical groups, such as: Gipsy's Legend, Terre Differenti, Rumba de Mar, Gipsy Camargue and Ensemble Ethnique.

Flavio Ferrari - bass
Flavio Ferrari

Flavio Ferrari was born in Rome in 1963, his first instrument was a classical guitar, but the strings don't go much lower and he decided to switch to bass guitar. Always he had played in very different ways: with heart, mind, and sometimes with the eyes shut. His life is like a journey through musical experience of all kind, he's still travelling.
Flavio is a teacher and a composer and cooperates with Fabio Armani in many Different Lands musical projects. He writes also articles for musical web sites.

Abdullah Mohamed - nay, percussion
Abdullah Mohamed

Abdullah Mohamed started to study Arabian drums at the age of 11, being one of the best among the other students he started to follow the famous teacher Abdel Meneim Hassan for the next ten years. At the age 14 he started to study the flute ney, kawala, argoul with different teachers and among them Fawzy Cheder.
Currently he performs with a lot of professional musicians and composers.

Noemi Nori - vocals
Noemi Nori

Noemi Nori proves herself as singer in the year 1987, with the Band "BRASIL '87" suggesting passages and fragments of "Bossanova" and "Samba" music. In the 1990 she creates a duet that has landed place and has been esteemed in different musical demonstrations.
Noemi currently works and sing with Fabio Armani and Terre Differenti.
Besides her activity of singer, she gives herself up the Piano Study and frequents the last year of Musictherapy course in Roma.

Yasemin Sannino - vocals
Yasemin Sannino

Yasemin Sannino is a wonderful vocalist born in Istanbul. She started her musical studies at the age of ten.

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