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"Cities of Dreams" is a symbolic place, is outside and inside us, is the deep essence of our anxiety and hope.

The desert is the original earth, the ancestral "humus" from which the babelic stream of languages and cultures grows enriched with human experience.

The mood of the songs is an original mix of ethnic influences (Trilok Gurtu, Rabih Abou Khalil), rock and progressive suggestions (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) with a distinct jazz contamination (Jan Garbarek, Oregon, Weather Report).

The lyrics are projections of virtual and true realities, between dream, vision and poetry. They are interpreted by four different singers, each contributing to make "Cities of Dreams" a journey through different lands and emotional moods.

This new work increases the experimentation and the fusion between different musical styles which are evident when listening to the first CD of "Terre Differenti". The arrangements use ancient and ethnic instruments intermingled with electronic sounds. Voices and melodies are treated beyond classical models and produce ethereal, oniric feelings.

Why "Terre Differenti"? In Italian , the word "terra" has several meanings. .
Terra is the soil and this means primitive, material concepts. The usage of a different and new alchemical element.
Terra is the clay, and in arts we can use different clays to produce sculpture and colors.
Terre Differenti also means unknown lands, suggestions of concrete realities but also of inward regions.

Listening to "Cities of Dreams" is like making a journey in different lands, between dream and reality, through unexplored and profound dimensions of the soul.

So how does it sound?

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Second chapter from
Terre Differenti.
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"A journey that could only have been created by truly talented musicians. Keep up the magic!"
- Nancy Kaawe, Rome Italy
"A wonderful job that gives music a multi-cultural sense and enriches the level of the ensemble. Congratulations!"
- Jod Robertson, Atlanta USA
"This CD brings about a sense of liberty, happiness and a deep journey into far away unexplored places ..."
- Maria Guardia, Costa Rica
"Beyond the Dunes is by far my preferred song, I think it's a real gem ... "
- Alessandro Pescetelli, Rome Italy
"Listening to this CD has been a very exciting experience. It is a real journey ... "
- Angelo Merante, Rome Italy
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